Q. What size are the mattresses?
A.  Mattress measure 35’ x 80’ and require extra-long sheets.

 Q.What furniture comes with the room?
A. Each student has a bed frame and mattress, desk and desk chair, bureau and closet.  Also, a waste basket and recycling basket are provided.  The room has connections for cable, computer and local telephone service, residents must supply their own cables, cords, an phone.

Q. Do first-year students pick their room, residence hall or roommate?
A. Currently, first-year assignments are determined by the selection of first year seminars.  Those enrolled in specific seminars are grouped together in each residence halls. Residents may request a roommate and we will try to accommodate this request.

Q. If I’m a commuter, may I l become a resident later?
A. Yes, commuter students may become residents.  A student choosing to become a resident for the fall semester may participate in room selection in April.  These students should email the Residence Life Housing Office to ask for lottery number and instructions regarding the process.  Those changing for the spring semester may submit a Housing Application any time prior to the spring semester.  On the application students can communicate their preference regarding residence hall, room and roommate.

Q. If I’m a resident, can I become a commuter?
A. Students may apply for commuter status if they will be residing with a parent or family member designated by a parent, and live within a fifty mile radius of campus. The student may request to become a commuter at any time, however, the housing charge for the semester will not be refunded.  A student should fill out an application. If approved, check-out of their room and turn in your key with your Resident Assistant.  A student must notify the Housing Coordinator if the requested change has been approved for the spring semester before January 15 to avoid the housing charge for the spring semester.

Q. What if I don’t like my roommate?
A. First, you are encouraged to go to your Resident Assistant for help.  They may be able to get the two of you to talk it out through mediation.  If it is apparent you are not compatible as roommates you or your roommate may change rooms Resljcan give you options regarding choices for rooms and roommates and will help with the process.

Q. How many people share a room?
A. Most of the campus rooms are doubles with a few triples.  We have single rooms; however, seniors then junior have first priority at selecting these rooms.

Q. Is there a Wait List for single rooms?
A. Yes, students who want a single room, a room in a particular residence hall or even an empty double for you and a friend can make this request on a Wait List form.  The Wait List is prioritized by seniors, juniors, sophomores, etc., by date submitted.  There is an additional charge for single rooms.

Q. Is housing available during breaks?
A. Housing is available for undergraduate students, however, there is an additional cost and you will probably have to reside in a different building and room than your fall or spring semester assignment.

Q. Is there off-campus housing?
A. The Housing Coordinator maintains a binder with local realtors and, listings from people in the area with rooms, apartments and houses for rent.  Although we keep the listing we do not inspect or endorse any of these residences.  Housing in the area is relatively expensive and you may have to enter into a year-long lease.

Q. Is there air conditioning in the residence halls?
A. Baldwin, Haselton, Riker, McLendon, and the suites, Foster, McClintock and Hurst all have air conditioning and the rest of the residence halls do not. Tolley and Brown share a lounge which is air conditioned as do Welch and Holloway Halls.  First-year residence halls do not have air conditioning.

Q. If I study abroad for a semester, where do I live when I come back?
A. If you are studying away for the spring semester, information will be sent to you (via e-mail) so that you can participate in the on-line room selection process to choose a room for the fall semester.  You must be registered with 12 or more credits for the fall to select a room in late April.  If you are studying away in the fall semester you must submit a housing application for the spring semester so you will assigned an appropriate hall and room.  Requests for specific residence halls and rooms are accommodated if possible.

Q. How do I get into a Theme House
A. Each theme houses has its own application process.  Contact the House Assistant as they will explain the process, check the house website for more information. First-year students are not permitted to live in Theme Houses for their first semester.  In their second semester, these students must have their application reviewed by the Director of Residence Life and Community Standards who will decide if permission will be granted.

Q. Do I have to have a meal plan?
A. Yes, all undergraduate students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan. A variety of meal plans are offered to accommodate the needs of each student.

Q. If I do not like the meal plan I have, can I change it?
A. Yes, residents are given until the end of the second week of classes to change their plan.