College of Liberal Arts  Storage Policy

Recognizing the important need for some of our residents, Drew is offering storage for students that live a distance from Drew and cannot take all their items with them during the summer months.  Students must be registered with a room assignment for the Fall semester or on an approved study abroad program to be eligible for the storage option.   Please note that storage locations are not climate controlled and, the University assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items.  This is a RHA fundraiser program.

Only International students and students who live over 200 miles from campus are eligible for the Summer Storage Program.


Students may store a box, trunk, suitcase, or refrigerator but only five things are permitted. The charge for Summer Storage is $10 per item for the first three containers and $15 per item after three, with a limit of five items.  Boxes which are 18″ x 18″ x 24″, obtained at the Residence Life and Housing Office must be used.  When you drop off your boxes, you will receive a label to complete.  The label must include your home address as well as your Fall room assignment.

Refrigerators up to 4.5 cubic feet (or combined, approved, microfridge) can be stored for $15 and must have the official label securely on it.

Furniture and large electrical equipment (including: sofas, chairs, lamps, carpets, computers, bookshelves, televisions, stereos and speakers, lofts, and bikes) cannot be stored.  Food and other perishable items cannot be stored.

Students must be able to carry their items, up and down stairs, to the storage area. You are encouraged to bring all of your boxes at once, if possible.  The storage area will be located in the back of Tolley residence hall on the forest side, in the basement.

When dropping off your boxes/items you will complete a waiver, as well as see where your boxes will be located in the storage area. Staff will also keep a log of this information to help with easy retrieval in the Fall. Students must bring their ID to collect their boxes and can only pick up their belongings. Boxes that belong to other students will not given out.

Items left in storage after the second week of the semester will be donated or discarded.  If the student is on a leave of absence, they may keep their belongings in storage for one additional semester.

If a student does not return to Drew or needs their boxes/items shipped,  it is the student’s responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping of these boxes/items. If a student fails to pack up their items in their room, they will be charged for the boxes used and fined for failing to properly store their belongings. This also includes leaving boxes inside the room and failing to take them to storage.

To participate in this program, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Storage Application Form.  This form will charge your student account appropriately so that there is no need to bring money with you when picking up the boxes.
  2. Pick up the boxes from the Ehinger Center – Student Activities suite.
  3. Fill your boxes and seal them. Bring them to the storage area during the listed open hours.
  4. At the storage site, you will receive the waiver and labels for your boxes. However, it is recommended that you come to the storage site with a list of items in its respective boxes.
    *Please note, please allot at least 30 minutes when dropping off your boxes.

Storage Drop Off Dates and Times (Tolley/Brown and Sitterly)
TBA – Spring 2018

Fall pick-up: Residents may schedule a time to pick up their  belongings by emailing the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Frequently Asked Questions