Earth House 2014

The Earth House Theme House is a group of students passionate about issues of sustainability and live together in Haselton Hall. Our theme is the development of an ecologically observant, sustainable, creative, participatory ethic of community living. We pursue this path through exploration of our relationships with one another, and our relationships with the Earth. In this sense, we are challenging ourselves to develop as activists, applying our education to our concern for the community.

To our residents, the Earth House represents a supportive, empowering, honest, cooperative community that promotes participation and self-awareness.

To the community, the Earth House is a source of socially and temporally relevant, informative, engaging acts of public spectacle and participation. All of our workshops embody our commitment to critical learning through participatory experience, so house activities combine multiple medias and numerous points of intersection with the education, politics, and experience of the student.

Earth House hosts FernFest along with the Office of Sustainability every April.  A celebration in the ways of a nature conscious society with Art Club’s RestArt, DEAL’s fern planting, and the completion of EarthHouse’s recycled art installation. The day will conclude with the second annual meeting of the Sustainabilities Council.

In these ways, the Earth House represents the organized implementation of a liberal arts perspective. A liberal arts education exists to illuminate, through diversity of ideas and hands-on experience, the intersections between disciplines and discourses.

Earth House demonstrates the relationships between seemingly disparate events, consequences, and communities, by providing programs that focus on environmental concerns or consumer attitudes that effect numerous and transnational communities. In this way, it helps to locate Drew University within a matrix of global knowledge, and advances a holistic understanding of the individual that leads to feelings of autonomy, responsibility, and opportunity. We propose to fill both academic and wellness needs for students at Drew.

Our implementation of this agenda occurs through not only the numerous and varied events that each member of the Earth House hosts, but also through the participation of Earth House members in numerous other organizations on campus. Frequent internal consciousness-raising sessions keep house members motivated and informed.

This opportunity will lead to an academic support network and create a social network for first year students.  In addition, as a member of this sustainability leadership living-learning community, you will have the opportunity to work with Sustainability staff to help plan events, help the community through service activities, and gain valuable leadership experience.

Earth House’s House Assistant: Kate Fisher