Civic Scholars

First-year students who have enrolled in the Civic Scholar program will also be members of the Civic Scholar LLC and will reside together on the 2nd floor of Tolley Hall. Through this LLC, students will have the opportunity to connect with their faculty and upper-class Civic Scholars within their residence hall. The Civic Scholar professors are Amy Koritz, Elise DuBord, and Jonathan Reader. For more information about the Civic Scholar program, please visit the Center for Civic Engagement website.

  • CSEM 100-22, 23, & 24: Community Service

Instructors: Amy Koritz, Elise DuBord, and Jonathan Reader While we believe community service to be a good thing, an activity that benefits others and improves our shared world, we may not have thought much about the meaning of community, or, indeed, of service. What constitutes a community? Do we belong to a single community or many? And is service always beneficial to those being served? We will explore assumptions and beliefs about these two key terms—both separately and together. This seminar is limited to Civic Scholars. Students will contribute 18-20 hours of community service over the course of the semester.