Civic Scholars

Drew University actively supports students who show extraordinary commitment to community by offering Civic Engagement Scholarships and admittance into the Civic Scholars Program. Civic Scholars are leaders in creating opportunities for all Drew students to connect learning with action for the greater good. These Drew Civic Scholars not only receive a monetary award, but also join an exciting civic engagement program that will increase their service and leadership skills and give them real-world experiences. Drew Civic Scholars complete 100 hours of service annually and participate in special classes, workshops, seminars, and off-campus service projects. They also mentor and lead students from all disciplines who want to make the world a better place. Drew’s Civic Scholars represent a wide range of academic majors and career interests, but they are united in their commitment to make a difference in our world. Learn more about the Center for Civic Engagement and the Civic Scholars Program.

First-year students who have been accepted into the Civic Scholar program will also be members of the Civic Scholar LLC and will reside together2013-2014 Civic Scholars in Welch Hall. Living in this community allows for special programming specific to Civic Scholar students’ interests, and an environment conducive to group work for your shared classes, workshops, and projects. In creating Living Learning Programs, studies and experience show that intact cohort communities create the optimal environment for the best student experience. For those Civic Scholars who choose to commute to campus, as well as those who have medical needs that are met in other residences halls, you will still be able to partake in the Civic Scholars Living Learning Community.  We will arrange for you to have access to the floor so that you can be a full member of this community.

Through this LLC, students will have the opportunity to connect with their faculty and upper-class Civic Scholars within their residence hall. The Civic Scholar professors are Amy Koritz, Stewart Robinette, and Jonathan Reader. For more information about the Civic Scholar program, please visit the Center for Civic Engagement website.

Examples of Events & Programs:

  • Civic Scholars Fall Retreat: All Civic Scholars take part in a Day of Service and team bonding. This year we’ll travel toCS students picking greenbeans copy America’s Grow A Row in Pittstown NJ where we’ll harvest fresh produce for soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food desert areas.
  • First Year Community Partner Placements: You will be placed in teams to volunteer for approximately two hours each week with a local-area community partner.
  • Attend Alternative Break Trips together.
  • Plan and execute your First Year Civic Projects.
  • Partner with other student groups and clubs on campus for service events and programs.
  • Attend your CSEM and CE 101 Workshops together: As one First Year Civic Scholar said this year, “When it’s time for Workshop, everyone on the floor leaves together and it’s really fun.” (This year we are planning on holding the CE 101 Workshop in the lounge of Welch Hall, so you won’t even have to put on shoes to attend!)

Community Service First Year Seminar

  • Please scroll down the list of College Seminars to CSEM 100-18, 19, and 20. Here is the link: CSEM 100-18, 19, 20: Community Service Instructors: Amy Koritz, Jonathan Reader, and Stewart Robinette.

While we believe community service to be a good thing, an activity that benefits others and improves our shared world, we may not have thought much about the meaning of community, or, indeed, of service. What constitutes a community? Do we belong to a single community or many? And is service always beneficial to those being served? We will explore assumptions and beliefs about these two key terms—both separately and together. This seminar is limited to Civic Scholars. Students will contribute 18-20 hours of community service over the course of the semester.