CLA Residence Hall Access:

From 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM, all CLA residential students can access all exterior residence hall doors with their ID.

From 9:00 PM until 12 midnight, all CLA residential students can access the main door of each residence hall with their ID.

After 12 midnight until 7:00 a.m. CLA residential students may only access the residence halls they live in via the main door.

NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS:  May not access any CLA residence hall without being a guest of a resident CLA or Grad/Theo student.

GRAD/THEO STUDENTS:  May not access any CLA residence hall without being a guest of a resident CLA student.

CUE Students living in Designated CLA Housing: are considered to have CLA residence hall access.

CUE Students living in Designated Grad/Theo Housing have Grad/Theo access privileges.

ASBURY – Front Door #1

BALDWIN – Front Door #2

BROWN –Tolley/Brown  Main Lounge Door #1 (Desk Attendant)

HASELTON – 2nd Floor Entry Door #1

WELCH – Welch Lobby Front Door #1 and Lobby Rear Door #3 (Desk Attendant)

HOYT BOWNE – Front Main Door #1 and Rear Parking Lot Door #3 (Desk Attendant)

McLENDON – Front Door #1 (Desk Attendant)

RIKER – Ground Level Front Handicap Door #5(Desk Attendant) and HERB Circle Main Entry #6

SUITES (Foster, McClintock, Hurst) – Both Front and Back Doors

TOLLEY – Tolley/Brown  Main Lounge Door #1 (Desk Attendant)

University housing is provided only for those students who have been assigned a room and have signed a housing agreement with the Housing Office. Other persons, or guests, have no right of entry into the residence halls, but are allowed entry by a sponsoring student.