The guest policy at Drew University creates a structure for residents to bring guests into their room/suite. In full support of the educational component of the mission of Drew University_MG_1921 and the Office of Residence Life, we recognize that students living on campus are expected to view academic responsibilities as their primary goal. Therefore, an environment conducive to study takes precedence over socializing in the student’s residence on nights and weekends. The guidelines for visitation are grounded in this academic mission and are designed to balance a student’s responsibilities with individual and group needs.

University housing is provided only for those students who have been assigned a room and have signed a housing agreement with the Housing Office. Other persons, or guests, have no right of entry into the residence halls, but are allowed entry by a sponsoring student.

All residents may access their residence at anytime.

However, most CLA residence halls only have one door that can be accessed after 9:00 p.m. for security reasons. Click here for CLA Residence Hall Access List

Click here for Grad/Theo/CUE  Residence Hall Access