The Tolley/Brown Complex is one of the two designated First Year Hall Complexes. Tolley/Brown is nestled towards the back side of campus, along side the McClintock, Foster,  Hurst and McClendon Halls (The Suites Complex). Surrounding this traditional styled home away from home, is the Forest Preserve, which allows Drew to obtain its name: The University in the Forest.

The occupants of Tolley and Brown Hall are primarily first-year students but please note there are some second year students within this Complex. Tolley/Brown was constructed in 1964 and was recently remodeled. The two buildings are  connected by a large lounge, that boasts ceiling-high, wall length windows look out onto the patio and the Forest. Residents enjoy a spacious meeting room for studying and a newly built outdoor patio for activities and programs with a forest backdrop. If you are interested in experiencing your first year on campus in the Forest of Drew University, this choice may be for you.

Brown Hall is three stories with a full basement. Each floor is practically identical with its contents. The basement contains a laundry room. The upper three floors houses student rooms, Resident Assistants, and a small individualized bathrooms. The main lounge, which connects Tolley Hall and Brown Hall contain a small microwave and food preparation area.

Brown Hall Facts:

Description Capacity Room Type Room Size Window Size
  • Traditional Style
  • Co-Ed by Room
  • 143 Residents
  • 4 Resident Assistants
  • 1 Resident Director
  • 5 Singles
  • 67 Doubles
  • 5 Triples
  • Single: 14′x8′
  • Double: 14′x10’6″
  • Triple: 12’4″x20’6″
  • 36″ wide
  • 63″ high

Other Information

  • Communal bathrooms
  • Houses washers, dryers
  • Shares large lounge with small kitchenette area
  • Outside picnic area
  • Outside bike rack


Brown Hall is named after Drew University’s 6th president who served from 1929-1948.