• Please make an appointment with the Grad/Theo Residence Director 48 hours before you plan to check-out. All belongings must be moved out of your apartment prior to the check-out appointment as you must be ready to turn in your key(s) to me at that time.
  • If you do not make an appointment, you may use the Express Check-out Forms. Residents may pick up the Express Check Out form from their Resident Director. Please fill out the form and then put your key in the self-enclosed envelope. Then bring the complete form to either the Resident Director Office, Tipple C101 or, the office of Bob Meade, Ehinger Center, room 140. If you are moving out over the weekend or after 5:00 p.m., please drop the forms with keys to the Public Safety Office.
  • Please complete the following 12 steps to successfully check-out.
      1. Clear everything out of your room, bathroom, and kitchen. Shared spaces need to  cleared and cleaned.
      2. Clean the refrigerator, kitchen sink, stove, and oven.
      3. Pull out all kitchen cabinet drawers, please wipe out
      4. Windows and blinds, make sure the windows and blinds work or put in a work-order
      5. Clean the bathroom, toilet, sink, and shower/tub
      6. Sweep the floors
      7. Dust the window sills.
      8. Pull out desk and dresser drawers so I can see they are empty if you have University furniture.
      9. Remove any crayon drawings on the walls or floors.
      10. If you have a storage unit, you must empty it, sweep it, and turn in your key.
      11. Close all windows and lock the door behind you.
      12. If you have questions—call 973-408-3681 or 973-408-3055.

These 12 steps must all be done prior to the check-out appointment. The check out process is ten minutes or less to make sure all of the items listed above are taken care of. Once the check–out process is completed, and you have turned in the keys, the door will be locked.

If you do not clean kitchen appliances, bathroom, or bedroom you may incur a charge from Facilities. If there are any damages to the room that were not there when you moved in, e.g., room needs to be repainted because of holes made or tape tearing off the paint, Facilities may charge you.

Charges are accessed by Facilities based on a walk through of the apartment after the lease has expired.