Safety is one of Residence Life’s priorities. Student Resident Assistants are on duty each night when the College of Liberal Arts is in session, and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAprofessional Coordinators of Residential Engagement (CREs) serve on a 24-hour duty rotation during the entire year except December 23-January 3.  Our staff has been trained in emergency protocols should the need arise. In addition, Residence Life Staff communicates and works closely with Public Safety.  Public Safety is open 24/7 365 days of the year. We constantly stress the importance of students taking their security  and the security of their possessions into their own hands by encouraging them to lock their doors, not letting unknown people into the building and reporting any suspicious behavior to Public Safety at 973-408-3379.

Personal Possessions: Drew University prides itself on being a safe and caring environment, but like your home, protection of your personal belongings still requires careful consideration. In the event of water damage or flooding, fire, theft, or any other cause of damage or loss, Drew will not cover any of your personal possessions. Drew University does not assume responsibility for students’ lost, stolen or damaged property. We recognize the importance in ensuring the safety and security of your possessions—while Drew does not endorse any particular insurance company—we strongly encourage all families or individual students to contact an insurance agent regarding enrolling in some form of renter’s insurance to protect your valuable possessions including computers and electronic equipment.

Fire Evacuation: If fire alarms go off in a building, everyone must evacuate the building. Public Safety will come check out the emergency and if necessary the Fire Department or other Emergency Response Units will respond to the situation. Public Safety is the lead and will tell residents when it is safe to return to the building. Each residence hall is equipped with a number of fire safety features including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and emergency exit signs. In addition, all of the residence halls are equipped with a fire suppression sprinkler system.

Residents our are greatest ally in providing a safe and secure residence hall environment. It is important that each student takes the initiative to assist the residence life staff in creating a safe and secure hall for all the residents. Please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do no allow strangers to enter the residence hall with you. (No “piggybacking”)
  • Never leave an entrance door open or propped as this allows anyone to enter the hall without their ID card or key.
  • Notify the staff member on duty if someone has insisted upon entering the hall with you. Observe the offender to get a good physical description and note the direction he or she is walking.
  • Keep your room locked at all times – even when you’re sleeping, and especially when you’re gone.
  • Report a malfunctioning card access reader or door immediately.
  • Meet your guests/visitors at the lobby door.
  • Never lend your id + card or room key to others.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen id + card.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately to your RA, CRE, or Public Safety.

Health and Safety Inspections of Rooms: In order to maintain a healthy, safe environment in the residence halls, the Office of Residence Life conducts health and safety inspections of rooms several times during a semester. Violations of prohibited items and other infractions such as alcohol in a room whose occupants are underage may result in fines or sanctions. Fines may be imposed for each infraction.  All prohibited item(s) may be confiscated by the Office of Residence Life or a University Official. The owner of the confiscated item(s) may only pick up the confiscated material at the end of each semester. Failure to retrieve item(s) at the end of the semester will result in the item(s) being donated or discarded.