Office of the Registrar


Enrollment Certification

Students needing enrollment verification for the current or past terms (for loan deferment and/or insurance companies) may download this document through Self Service Enrollment Certification, available as an option on Treehouse.

Note: that enrollment verification is not available online for future terms or for alumni of the college. To request an enrollment verification, send a letter to: Office of the Registrar, Drew University, 36 Madison Ave, Madison, NJ 07940, or fax your request to: (973) 408-3044.

Your request must contain the following information: Student name, social security or student ID number, name, and address to which the form should be sent. Please allow 5 to 7 days for processing.

Self Service Enrollment Certification – Not Currently Available

Log into your account in Treehouse, and select the Student tab. Click on Self Service enrollment certification.

After entering the required data, you will be prompted to print a copy of an “Enrollment Verification Certificate”. Note that you will have the option to request enrollment verification for the current term, or for your entire career at Drew University.

Important: Unauthorized duplication or alteration of the “Enrollment Verification Certificate” is strictly prohibited. If you need to submit more than one certification, please process a separate Enrollment Verification Certification for each request. The National Student Clearinghouse informs the university of all self certifications processed.

Other Services provided on the Clearinghouse Student Self Services Site:

  1. You may view all of the enrollment information Drew has sent to the National Student Clearinghouse regarding your enrollment history at the university.
  2. Review the student loan certifications that the National Student Clearinghouse has forwarded to student’s loan holders (Lenders and Guarantors).
  3. Review the the proof(s) of enrollment that the National Student Clearinghouse has provided to health insurers and other providers of student services or products.

Please note: If your enrollment verification requires more data than that provided by the automatic service (ex: GPA, Major or minor) you will need to follow the instructions above and make such a request in writing to the Office of the Registrar