Transfer Credit.


Transfer Credit

College Students

The transfer of work taken at other accredited institutions is based on two criteria:

1. Courses must be the same or comparable to those listed in the current Drew University College of Liberal Arts Catalog
2. Grades of C- or better must have been achieved in acceptable courses for credit to be transferred.

Advanced placement, or other tests are evaluated on the basis of Drew standards. Credits are transferred on a semester-hour basis; credits from schools on the quarter-hour system transfer to Drew at a less than one-for-one rate. Grades for transfer credit are not calculated in the official Drew grade-point average.

Currently enrolled Drew students must complete a CLA Pre-Approval for Credit Study Elsewhere form to attend and transfer credit from other accredited institutions to Drew. Approval forms must include descriptions of all courses in question.

Graduate Students

Advanced standing is approved by the Committee on Academic Standing. Normally, the Committee does not honor a request until a student has completed one semester of full time study (or equivalent) and passed a language examination.

The Caspersen School Academic Standing Committee maintains an overview of the curriculum, approves new courses, receives and ratifies recommendations of areas pertaining to advanced standing, decides on advancement of students from the M.A. to Ph.D. program, approves those prospectuses of Ph.D. dissertations which have been recommended by its Prospectus Subcommittee and deal with petitions for extensions of time beyond seven years for the Ph.D. and five years for the M.A. degrees. In addition, the committee reviews all request for grade changes and approve all language examination substitutions. The committee meets on a monthly basis during the fall and spring semesters. Petitions should be submitted in advance of the schedule meetings to the Caspersen School Dean’s Office, S.W. Bowne First Floor.

Theological Students

Request for advanced standing prior to enrollment are submitted to the Academic Associate Dean who, jointly with the University Registrar and Director of Admissions, and, in consultation with the appropriate division conveners, shall review all transcripts for advanced standing.

Advanced standing for work done at unaccredited seminaries is assessed after the successful completion of one semester’s work at Drew. All advanced standing is approved by the academic standing committee.