Registration by Class

Registration by Class

NOTE: Listed below are START times for registration. You are not permitted to miss class in order to register, nor are you permitted to register during class times.

Registration for the Fall 2017 term begins April 10, 2017.

STUDENTS WHO HAD earned 76 or more CREDITS prior to Spring 2017.

Starting Monday, April 10 at 9am

STUDENTS WHO HAD earned 40-75.999 CREDITS prior to Spring 2017

Starting Wednesday, April 12 at 9am

STUDENTS WHO HAD earned 12-39.999 CREDITS prior to the Spring 2017.

Starting Friday, April 14 at 9am

STUDENTS WHO HAD earned 0 to 11.999 CREDITS prior to Spring 2017

Starting Monday, April 17 at 9am

IMPORTANT: Non degree students in this credit category (0-11) and special students who will continue enrollment, will register on April 17 at 9am. Students should check with their advisers early regarding the times when they will be available for consultation and approvals. Students will need to get their registration PIN at this time. *The TreeHouse Self-Service registration processor is available 24 hours a day.


  • Please clear your account with the business, health services, financial aid or other offices. Holds preventing Fall registration will be placed on your account prior to the registration period. You will be notified of upcoming holds via Drew University email.
  • Declaring majors: Students who will have 56 or more credits earned AFTER Fall 2016 should formally declare a major through self service on TreeHouse prior to registering.
  • Writing requirement: CLA students are required to satisfy the college writing requirement by the end the second semester of their sophomore year. Please see the catalog for more information.

Problems on the part of any student in completing registration within the periods stated above or by the final deadline should be brought to the registrar ahead of time.


General Procedures

General Procedures

  1. Materials: The course list and catalog are all available online. In addition to the courses offered for a term, the course offering lists the required textbooks for each course. To view the required readings for a section, select the book link listed directly under the course. The book’s title, author, edition, publisher, and price (new and used) will be listed.
  2. Pre-requisite Courses: Pre-requisites will be labeled on the Detailed Class Information portion of TreeHouse Self-Service; Students should be sure to have met these as listed online.
  3. Wait-Lists: Students wishing to put themselves on a wait list for a course must be sure to check their email every day. If a seat becomes available to add into the course, an email is sent to the student who will then have 24 hours to add into the course. NOTE: If you do not add the course in that 24 hours, the available seat moves to the next person on the waitlist.
  4. Pass/Fail: Full time students with sophomore or higher standing (26 or more credits) may elect one course per semester on a P/F basis (in addition to Physical Education courses). The course must fall outside the major and may not be used for meeting graduation requirements, only electives. A course should be placed on P/F when registering for it. This can be changed back only during the first two weeks of the term.
  5. Maximum CLA Registration is 21 credits. Only the Academic Standing Committee may grant permission to exceed that limit; petitions are online here. An additional tuition charge is made for each credit carried in excess of 21.
  6. Grade Forgiveness
  7. Regularly classified degree candidates must carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester, except in the final semester of the senior year. Students registered for fewer than 12 credits in their last semester should contact their Financial Aid Counselor to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Students registered for fewer than 12 regardless of semester are not eligible for Dean’s List notation.
  8. Registration for Graduate-level Courses: Qualified students in the College may enroll for appropriate courses offered in the Theological or Graduate Schools, subject to the approval of their adviser, the dean of the college, the dean of the school concerned, and the instructor of the course. The student must have a grade point average in the major of at least 3.00 and must have all pre-requisites.
  9. Internship Project: Students seeking credits for field work should register for INTC 200 as a course and file project forms with the Internship Office. Students registering for INTC 200 should have signatures from the internship director. Internships are 2 or 4 credits.

Add/Drop Instructions

For student Add/Drop instructions, please visit the “Treehouse and Self Service Registration Instructions” here. For Advisor Add/Drop information, please visit the “Instructional Guide for Advising Students in Self Service” here. Any questions, email or call ext. 3025.