• All grades for students graduating must be entered by noon Thursday, May 15.
  • All grades must be entered through Faculty self service by noon on Friday, May 16. Students do not see their grades until that time.
  • Between May 5 at 9am –  May 16 at noon grade entry is open to all faculty. You may enter each grade roster as often as you need to.
  • If you miss the deadline to submit a class roster online, please print a paper version of the roster, fill out the grades, sign and date the form. Deliver this form to the Registrar’s office or fax it to 973-408-3044. NO GRADES ARE ACCEPTED THROUGH EMAIL
Grades Due:
No final exam or final papers involved Wednesday, May 7
Thursday exams Saturday, May 10
Friday exams Monday, May 12
Saturday exams Monday, May 12
Monday exams Wednesday, May 14
Tuesday exams Thursday, May 15
Wednesday exams Friday, May 16 (except for students who are graduating on Saturday)