Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness

Consent For Sexual Activity

  • Healthy sexual interactions are rooted in consent and respect.
  • Effective consent is a clear yes or no for sexual activity that is freely given.
  • Assumed consent is not consent.
  • Consent is specific.
  • Giving consent once does not mean consent stands in the future. Similarly, if a partner has given consent in the past to sexual activity, this does not apply to current or future interactions.
  • Consent can be initially given and later withdrawn. If you’re uncomfortable, you can change your mind at any time, no matter how far things have gone.
  • Consent can be fun. Consent does not have to be something that “ruins the mood.” In fact, clear and enthusiastic consent can actually enhance sexual interactions.
  •  If your partner is intoxicated, she or he can’t give consent.

Ask for consent. Don’t assume a partner is OK with what you want to do, always ask. Be direct. If you are unsure that you have consent, ask again.