Ride-Along Program.


Ride-Along Program

  1. Hours of operation: Students may participate in the ride along program at any time as long as it does not conflict with normal department operations. There will be a limit of one student riding in a patrol vehicle at any given time. (One student rider per patrol vehicle.)
  2. Ride times: Ride times can range from days to nights and is completely dependent on the operations of the department.
  3. Dress attire: Students are asked to dress in neat casual attire. Footwear is required (no sandals are allowed).
  4. Confidentiality: Students participating in the ride along program may be witness to confidential or sensitive information. It is imperative that information not be shared. (Recording equipment of any kind is NOT permitted)
  5. Background Check: All participants are subject to a background check. The Department of Public Safety has the right to refuse any participant on moving forward into the program.
  6. Application/Waiver form: Anyone participating in the Student Ride Along program must complete an application and sign a waiver form in order to ride in a patrol vehicle. (Can be picked up at our headquarters)
  7. Level of involvement: Students will not become directly involved in any incident. Students are strictly observers. In certain situations the officer may elect not to have a student respond due to the nature of the incident.
  8. Termination of Ride-Along:  A,The Officer may terminate the Ride-Along if the participant fails to follow the regulations or is acting in a manner inconsistent with the best interests of the police department. B,The participant may request that the ride be terminated at any time and the participant will be returned as soon as the officer determines it is practical.

For any Inquiries, please contact safety@drew.edu  or call 973-408-3379.