Patrol Fleet.


Patrol Fleet

Interior of DPD Car 32

The Department of Public Safety’s patrol fleet is comprised of a number of specialized vehicles and squad cars.

Our current patrol fleet includes:

  • CAR 30 is a 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor
  • CAR 31 is a 2014 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor
  • CAR 32 is a 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit
  • CAR 33 is a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor
  • 2005 Mobile Command Unit Trailer

Our patrol vehicles are marked with Drew University Department of Public Safety insignia and emergency lights for increased visibility.  There is one “ghost” vehicle in our fleet, which is also visible below.

All of the department’s patrol cars are outfitted with Mobile Data Computers, Radio Communications, Emergency Light Controls, Police Scanners, Siren Controls, and Mobile Vision Video Recording Systems. They also carry lifesaving equipment (Defibrillators, medical supplies, oxygen), as well as lockout kits, forced entry tools, life jackets, and even a blanket.  Our vehicles help deliver quick emergency response to the entire Drew community.

Current Fleet

Patrol from the Past

Below are vehicles that have been retired from the fleet for one reason or another (too many miles, a car fire, and maybe even a fender bender or two).  Not only is it fun to look back on all the patrol cars we’ve driven over the years, but it’s a great way to see the different designs we’ve played with over time and how far technology has come.  If you have a picture of any old drew police cars, please let us know!