Motor Vehicle Ticket Appeals


Motor Vehicle Ticket Appeals


  1. Tickets MUST be appealed within 3 weeks of the violation. After the 21st day, the right to appeal is lost and the violator is then responsible for all fines associated with the ticket.
  2. Towing. Impound and Immobilization fees may NOT be appealed.


For Students pleading not guilty, please understand that the Traffic/Parking Appeals Committee is made up of members of the Student Conduct Board.  Appearance by the defendant at a University appeals court session is optional.  Individuals who choose not to appear before the Traffic Appeals Committee will be informed, in writing, of the Committee’s decision. The Committee’s decision is Final and Binding.

For Faculty and Staff pleading not guilty, appeals are heard by a designated member in the office of Residence Life and Community Standards. Appearance by the defendant is optional.  Individuals who choose not to appear will be informed of the decision in writing.  The decision is Final and Binding.


To appeal a ticket, please click the link below and fill out the form and you will be notified via e-mail of the hearing date for your appeal.

For those appealing more than one ticket, you must file a separate appeals form for each ticket