Crime Alerts.


Crime Alerts

January 23, 2012

Authorities are investigating the incident, which occurred around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, as a possible criminal act. We are asking anyone who may have seen or heard something to contact Public Safety. We are also asking members of the community to be vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity to Public Safety at 973-408-4444. I will share additional details on the investigation as they become available.

It’s important to remember that fire safety is a collective responsibility. Smoking, candles, incense, hot plates, halogen lamps and extension cords (other than surge protectors) are prohibited in the residence halls. Occupants are required by state law to evacuate a building when a fire alarm is activated. Please consult Daniel’s Dictionary for a complete set of Drew’s fire safety rules and regulations.

Cleanup work in Seminary Hall is ongoing. As was previously announced, the building will be closed through Tuesday and classes scheduled to be held there have been moved or canceled. (Visit for details.) Expect an update tomorrow on whether or not we will be able to reopen the building on Wednesday.

January 21, 2012

Seminary Hall suffered water damage this morning after a small fire in a second floor closet caused sprinklers to activate. Fire and smoke damage were minimal but water from the sprinklers soaked through the central section of the building. The cause of the fire is under investigation. You can read more about this incident on the Drew website.

Because of the water damage, Seminary Hall will remain closed through Tuesday, January 24. Class and work schedules have been impacted as follows:

All Theological School classes on Monday, January 23 and Tuesday, January 24 have been canceled.

All College of Liberal Arts and Caspersen School of Graduate Studies classes scheduled for Seminary Hall on Monday and Tuesday will be moved to other locations pending the availability of alternate classroom space. Students will be notified as to where their classes will meet.

Theological School Dean Jeffrey Kuan will communicate directly with faculty and staff who work in Seminary Hall about access to the building.

Further updates will be communicated as necessary.

November 3, 2011

A number of thefts were reported by students beginning on Thursday, 11/3/11, when the University was reopened after the mandatory snowstorm evacuation.  Reports were taken and investigations are ongoing.  Public Safety, Facilities and the Madison Police Department are all working together to resolve these matters.

September 27, 2011

We have received information from the Madison Police Department that they are investigation a sexual assault on one of our female students on Saturday night/Sunday morning in Toley.  We have only a limited description at this point but wish to share it with the entire community for two reasons: 1. to safeguard students 2. to enlist your support.  The actor, described as a young African-American male, approximately 6 feet tall, with some facial hair (particularly chin hair) and seen wearing a gray hoodie was seen by the victim and others in a student’s room on Tolley 3rd floor and later on Tolley 1st floor.  We have been advised that it is suspected the actor is not a student but guest of a student.  I urge everyone who may have seen this individual to contact my office (Chief Lucid) at ext. 3378 or Detective Paul Kosakowski of Madison PD at 973-593-3007.

October 21, 2010

Unfortunately, over the course of the current semester, a petty thief has been operating on the Drew campus.  Five computer laptops and a camera have been stolen.  All of these thefts have taken place in staff or faculty offices – none have occurred in the residence halls.  Public Safety and the Madison Police Department are working on the case and have several leads.

Please be careful about locking doors at all times and report anything you think is important.

April 8, 2010

Over the past several days, Madison Police Department and the Department of Public Safety have been investigating a series of thefts from parked cars on campus.  We have made substantial progress with the case and are presently holding two GPS devices that we believe were taken, but not reported missing yet.

Check your vehicle and if you are missing a GPS, please contact us as soon as possible.

March 27, 2010

On Saturday, March 27, sometime before 10:00 p.m., several cars parked in the Glenwild Lot had items taken from them.  It appears that someone went through the parking lot checking for unlocked cars and entering those they found to be open.

Madison Police Department is workinh on the case.  Any person having any information about this incident is asked to contact Public Safety at 973-408-3379 or Madison Police Department at 973-593-3000.

Every vehicle that was entered was unlocked.  Please remember that security is everyone’s responsibility.  It is important to lock not only your vehicle but also your room doors.

December 4, 2009

We are asking for your assistance in identifying the person(s) responsible for the graffiti (Rabbit) that has been appearing on campus since September.

November 2, 2009

The Madsion Police Department is investigating a lewdness incident that occurred at Green Village Road and Glenwild Road today at 3:00 p.m.  The suspect, described as a white male in his late 20s to early 30s with short dark hair and no facial hair, exposed himself to a non-Drew student walking on Green Village Road.  The suspect is possibly operating a 4 door silver Honda Civic with unknown NJ license plates.  The Drew Department of Public Safety is working closely with Madsion Police Department regarding this incident and has searched the campus for the vehicle described.  The car was not found on campus.

April 9, 2009

Public Safety is investigating an alleged assault that occurred at the front of campus at about 6:20 p.m. early Saturday evening. A female student was walking by the archway speaking to her mother on her cell phone. As she got off the phone, a man walked through the arch and onto campus. When he saw her, he started to speak to her and walked in her direction. At some point she was backed up against one of the trees and felt trapped. She pushed him away and he punched her on her left cheek. She turned and ran. He did not follow her.

She described the suspect as 24-25 years of age (“too old to be a student”), 5’10” – 5’11”, dark skin (which may have been a deep tan), wearing a blue tee-shirt and jeans.

In describing the assailant, the victim stated several times that the man who hit her looked nothing like the drawing of the person involved in the spring incident.  She stated that she had studied the drawing and was sure these are two different people.

As always, please be aware of your surroundings and travel in groups.

March 22, 2009

During the early morning hours of Sunday, March 22, 2009, a female student was returning to her room after visiting friends when she was assaulted in Holloway Hall. The attack took place in the hallway in front of her room. Her quick thinking and decisive actions enabled her to push the attacker out of her room and secure the door, keeping him from entering.

The attacker was described as a white male, approximately 20 years old, with black spiky hair, wearing a black button down shirt and blue jeans. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (973)408-3379. All calls will be kept confidential.

The victim in this case had not been drinking, nor was she doing anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, this case points out the dangers we all live with today. Please be alert, walk with friends, keep your doors locked and do not key anyone into your residence halls. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

If you see something, SAY SOMETHING…

December 1, 2008

On Monday night, 12/1/08. at about 9pm, Madison Police Department notified the Department of Public Safety that they had information that several men in a black Honda Civic were on campus, or traveling to campus, and that these men were armed.  The vehicle in question was located parked behind the University Center, with four males sitting in the car.  A Madison police officer, assisted by a Public Safety officer, proceeded to get the individuals out of the car, onto the ground and handcuffed.  This was done in an extremely professional manner, in a very short amount of time.  With the arrival of several additional Madison officers, the subjects were transported to Madison Police Department to be processed.  At this time, we do not have a list of the charges, since they are being compiled by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

It appears these individuals were on campus for the sole purpose of visiting one of our students.  The Drew student was located and found to be fine.  The student told me that she only saw two men, one of whom she knew, and he tried to borrow money from her.  It is apparent that the Drew student is not involved in anyway with whatever crimes have been committed.  An emergency message was sent to the Drew community providing the information that was known at the time, and, most importantly, letting them know that they were not in any danger.

I can assure you that Drew was not the target of these people and that the only reason they were on campus was to borrow money from a Drew student.

I want to thank the Madison Police Department for their cooperation and quick action.  I would also like to thank the student body who saw what was going on, and acted in a mature, responsible manner.

It was a good job all around.

October 28, 2007

On Sunday, October 28, 2007,Rowan University was the scene of a senseless murder.  Although it is far too early in the investigation process to draw any conclusions and there is nothing to indicate that Drew will become a target ofviolence, it is a good time to remind everyone that security on campus is everyone’s responsibility.

Use common sense, walk in groups, let others know where you are going, lock your doors, don’t let people into the residence halls, and call Public Safety if you see anything suspicious.

Be alert, be calm, and stay safe.

April 16, 2007

Across the country today many people are trying to deal with the shocking news from Virgina Tech University in Blacksburg,Virginia.  It is impossible to understand or comprehend the reasons for this event.  This tragedy, the deadliest shooting in U. S.history, can only remind us all that we live in troubled times and that violence is always a possibility.

I can assure our community that the Department of Public Safety and the Emergency Management Committee are constantly upgrading our emergency plans.  No matter how well we plan, no one can predict what will happen or when, so we need to be aware that safety is everyone’s responsibility

Information is our best defense.  If you see a suspicious person or persons, call us.  If you hear disturbing rumors or conversations, tell someone.  Use common sense.  Don’t let anyone into the residence halls, no matter what they say.  If they don’t have a fob, they don’t belong in the hall.  In case of an emergency, listen to instructions and respond quickly.

April 12, 2007

The Department of Public Safety has received two complaints from female students concerning a man who was following them.  The first incident occurred while several female students walked to the diner in town.  They reported that as they walked past the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts, they noticed a man on the other side of the street staring at them.  They continued to the Nautilus Diner where they noticed the same man at the counter.  Although the man did not say anything to them, he made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Several days later, a second group of female students walking on campus had a similar experience.  They felt that a man, dressed in a black trench coat, was following them as they passed Mead Hall and walked toward the Dorothy Young building.  The group felt uncomfortable and came to Public Safety headquarters to report the incident.  An officer was dispatched to look for the individual, without results.

Although we have no evidence that the man was doing anything wrong, or even if it was the same person both times, I am passing along this information to inform the student body.  The man is described as a white male, approximately thirty years of age.

There is no reason for alarm, but if you experience this sort of behavior from any individual, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately. Madison Police have been made aware of these incidents and has informed their patrols to be on the look out for such a person.

Again, there is no reason to alter your behavior.  The man has made no threats or even spoken to anyone.  Use common sense . . . be alert . . . walk in a group . . . and report any suspicious behavior to our department.