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Bicycle Patrol Unit

Bicycle Patrol Unit

3 Bicycle Patrol Units

The Drew University Department of Public Safety has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and patrol methods. Whether it’s with state of the art equipment or our inherent desire to serve the Drew community as best we can, it is our philosophy that officers in the field should be as approachable as possible. One of the latest and most effective ways of achieving this goal is by placing patrol officers on bicycles. This hands-on approach to patrol has many advantages, including easier interaction with members of the public and access to areas not usually accessible by vehicle. Community policing studies have also shown that members of the public are more inclined to approach an officer on a bicycle than in a vehicle when they have a problem.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit was started at Drew to further these philosophies. Each officer involved in the Bicycle Patrol Unit takes part voluntarily, and must undergo a rigorous 40-hour training program provided by New Jersey Police Academies or an equivalent police mountain biking course.

Current Police Bicycle Patrol Officers:

  • Sergeant Jordan Mitchell Jr.
  • Sergeant Jesse Traynor
  • Sergeant Cassandra Louis
  • Ofc. Arthur Herring
  • Ofc. Juda DeOliveira

The Department maintains 1 Specialized, 1 Cannondale and 2 Smith & Wesson  patrol bicycles. All bicycles are outfitted with essential equipment, such as red and blue emergency lights and mobile first aid packs.

If you see an officer on a bicycle, feel free to stop and say hi!