About the Department.


About the Department

DPD – Dedication. Pride. Dependability.

The Department of Public Safety consists of  a Director, 4 Sergeants, 7 Patrol  Officers, 4 Dispatchers, and 1 Administrative Assistant providing 24-hours-a-day service to the Drew community, 365 days a year. Our responsibilities include crime prevention and investigation, fire safety, traffic regulation, enforcement of university regulations and state and local laws. Professionally trained men and women patrol the campus in marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, on foot, by ATV, and on bicycles. All officers are certified in advanced lifesaving techniques and emergency medical response.

Patrol Officers within the department are required to complete basic training provided by New Jersey police academies. In addition to this training, officers continually receive in-service training and attend special training sessions provided by county and state police academies. Since 2002, officers advanced their medical training as certified Emergency Medical Technicians. One or more officers are certified  CPR/AED instructors. 

The philosophy of this department is based on a commitment to community service. Members of this department are sensitive to the special needs of students as well as their responsibility to provide a secure living environment.

Since the campus also falls under the jurisdiction of the Madison Police Department, this department works in close cooperation with the Madison Police concerning certain criminal investigations, traffic accidents or other police matters. Under the direction of Chief Darren Dachisen, cooperation between the Madison Police Department and the University is consistently excellent. Uniform crime reporting and some criminal investigations are handled by the Madison Police Department.

The Department of Public Safety strives to serve the Drew community. Our headquarters is located in the Pepin Services Building. We encourage you to visit anytime. For a “snapshot” of calls that our officers respond to, please visit our Daily Crime & Fire Log.