Provost’s Office Policies

Provost's Office Policies

Institutional Review Board Policies

Application + Templates

Education and Training Requirements

Institutional Research Board Website

IRB Committee Members


Research Determination

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct

Responsible Conduct of Research

Summary of Changes

Types of Research

College of Liberal Arts Policies

CLA Academic Policies

Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Policies

Caspersen School Academic Integrity Policy

Caspersen School Academic Policies

Theological School Policies

Theological School Academic Integrity Policy

Theological School Academic Policies

Center for Academic Excellence Policies

Tutor Training

Tutoring Policies

Writing Center Policies

Center for Global Education Policies

Academics - for the Center for Global Education Programs

Applications Policy for the Center for Global Education Programs

Code of Conduct Policies for the Center for Global Education

Finance Policy for the Center for Global Education

Housing Policies for the Center for Global Education Programs

Program Policies for the Center for Global Education

Instructional Technology Policies

Moodle Policies

Printing Policies

Rental Equipment and Event Support

Office of Accessibility Resources Policies

Documentation Guidelines - Office of Accessibility Resources

Faculty Resources

Requesting Accommodations Policy with the Office of Accessibility Resources

Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Documented Disabilities

Service and Assistance Animals on Campus Policy

Registrar Policies

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Veterans Benefits Policy at Drew University

University Library Policies

Collections Development Policies and Procedures

Library Communications Policy

Eligibility Guidelines for Carrels, Lockers and Group Study

Guide to Online Holds and Recalls

Interlibrary Loan Policies

Policies and Procedures for Canceling and or Adding Journal Subscriptions

Food and Drink Policy

Library Gift Book Policy

Methodist Library Collection Development Guidelines

Library Social Media Policy

Library Faculty Regulations

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures of the University Library

Library Exhibits

Policies and Procedures for Assigned Study Carrels and Lockers

University Library’s Proxy Borrowing Policy

Sign Posting and Bulletin Board Policy

Use of Group Spaces in the Library

Access to Electronic Resources

Special Collections and University Archives Access Policy

Confidentiality Policy of the Drew University Libraries

Use of the Kean Room