Letters of Recommendation.


Letters of Recommendation

The Pan African Studies Program wants to help you complete applications for graduate school in a timely and efficient manner. We consider writing letters of recommendation to be a significant part of our commitment to support your career and academic goals.

Many students ask us to write letters of recommendation around the same time of year, making it difficult to complete at the last minute. We want to write a detailed and informative letter tailored to your individual strengths and the academic program and/or degree. To do this we ask you to organize all of the materials in the attached form. Also, we require several weeks notice prior to the due date.

Here are a Couple of Suggestions:

  • Discuss the letter of recommendation with the professor at least 3-4 weeks prior to the due date. Send a follow-up e-mail 1 week prior to the due date. Visit during office hours to discuss your plans for graduate study.
  • Include information in the form below that distinguishes your qualities.
  • Attach your resume and/or personal statement to the form below. Only include the final version of personal statements.
  • Include or mention any papers or exams that define your interests or exemplify your abilities.
  • Request letters of recommendation for all the school you are applying to at the same time.
  • Send all of the material in one e-mail or print it out and put in a folder.

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