The Drew Endowment

For generations, Drew alumni, family and friends have contributed to the endowment to support the academic mission of Drew and lend fiscal stability to the institution.

The endowment is currently valued at
about $217 million.

Create a Legacy

Endowment gifts, such as the options below, not only provide crucial support for the university, but are a meaningful way to establish a permanent legacy for the donor, a beloved professor or another special person.

Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships

By endowing a scholarship, internship or fellowship, you will support Drew’s mission to deliver Full-Impact Learning, an innovative approach to education that targets the knowledge and skills that enable success. Such generosity is both an investment in the worth of Drew as an institution and in qualified students whose lives will be forever transformed.

These endowed funds are invested to provide both current student assistance and long-term growth to protect against inflation. 
Ideally, unrestricted funding allows Drew to make the best use of endowment monies, but donors may stipulate criteria for awarding the funds.

The minimum levels to start a named endowment in these areas are:

International and Experiential Programs

For over 50 years, thousands of students have explored the world through Drew’s Center for Global Education (formerly International and Off-Campus Programs). Semester-long programs in New York and London, along with Drew International Seminars, have enabled them to gain a global perspective and hands-on experience, leading to prestigious internships and clearly defined career paths. As crucial as these programs are for students in a globally connected age, they are also financially out of reach for many.

The minimum level to start a named endowment in this area is:

Attracting and Retaining Outstanding Faculty

An endowed professorship, chair or deanship is awarded to faculty members who have distinguished themselves through their work in the classroom and respective academic disciplines. Providing funding for research and course development is another significant sign of support for their work. Enabling Drew to grant this distinction helps support the recruitment and retention of outstanding teachers and scholars.

Endowed faculty positions and research support are funded in perpetuity with revenue from an invested account designated for that purpose.

The minimum levels to start a named endowment in these areas are:

Talk to Us

To learn more about endowed opportunities, please contact the Office of University Advancement at 973-408-3226 or 800-979-DREW during business hours.