Green Drew

On Princeton Review list for fifth consecutive year.

For the fifth year in a row, the Princeton Review listed Drew University among the “greenest” colleges in the nation.

“We are thrilled that the Princeton Review again included Drew in its list of colleges where sustainability and environmental stewardship are major priorities,” says Christina Notas, campus sustainability coordinator. At Drew, we see this commitment in so many ways, from our use of green cleaning products, to planting native trees, to our ‘no idling’ car policy, to our water-filling stations designed to reduce reliance on plastic water bottles. It truly is part of our DNA.”

The Princeton Review highlighted Drew’s bike share program, the fact that 21 percent of the food budget is spent on local or organic food and that 100 percent of new construction projects are LEED-certified.

Other environmental highlights at Drew include McLendon Hall, which uses geothermal energy to heat and cool the building, and five recent lighting upgrades, which are producing energy savings between 36 and 63 percent.

The Princeton Review’s report shared that 60 percent of college applicants say they want information about environmental issues when they are deciding where to attend. Notas observed, “We know this is something that so many stakeholders care about, including prospective and current students. We’re proud to be on the vanguard on this crucial issue.”

The Princeton Review surveys hundreds of colleges and universities, looking at factors including transportation, energy consumption, waste and recycling, administrative support of sustainable initiatives and the availability of environmental studies programs.

Some 2,000 schools were asked by the Princeton Review to provide information about their environmental policies. Drew is one of six New Jersey schools on the list of 353 schools that were honored.

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