Grow New York City

Meet financial kingpins on Wall Street.
Learn social media strategy at Razorfish.
Watch world leaders in action at the United Nations.
Talk to artists working in their own studios.

The mashup of a small, intimate liberal arts university and a major world capital like Manhattan would have seemed like genius had it been deliberately planned with the founding in 1929 of Brothers College, the predecessor of the College of Liberal Arts.

This is a clear growth area for Drew. Student demand for existing semesters, described below, and others still in the blueprint stage, clearly indicate that investing in resources for New York programs is the right direction for Drew on so many levels.

United Nations

Students spend time on the ground floor of geopolitics by interviewing diplomats, learning about the inner workings of the U.N. and discussing the issues reshaping the international community on a daily basis. Drew’s status as a non-governmental organization offers them unparalleled access.

Wall Street

Goldman Sachs. NYSE. Morgan Stanley. Federal Reserve. These organizations play a major role in shaping the U.S. economy, and Drew makes them available to students. They find mentors, including Drew alumni, among the traders, regulators, fund managers and decision-makers that power the financial world.

Semester on Contemporary Art

One day, an art major is sitting in an up-and-coming artist’s Brooklyn studio, discussing how nature inspires them both. The next week, he’s at the Met, debating the political meaning of a Kandinsky work with a classmate. From MoMA to SoHo, this is how Drew students learn about modern art.

The NEW Semester on Communications and Media

From Madison Avenue to Silicon Alley, New York is home to all media, from publishing to advertising to digital to 3D printing. Drew will take students inside the places where meaning is created, brands born, messages constructed and stories told. They will also complete a two-week “externship” by shadowing employees in a company or organization and build a portfolio of their work for the semester.

Naming Opportunities

Assume a leadership role at Drew by founding a named program in New York City. Learn more on the One And All Endowment page.

U.N. Semester

Drew’s U.N. Semester, the first in the nation, has been running for more than 50 years.

Futures in Stock

Want to help students master the market? Put cash in their hands and let them loose.

Wall Street Semester

In the words of one student, no pun intended, it offers “a wealth of knowledge.”