The school is listing in The 382 Best Colleges for the 25th straight year.
The school is listing in The 382 Best Colleges for the 25th straight year.

Students describe the school as tight-knit with impactful professors.

August 2017 – Drew University continues to earn high marks from The Princeton Review for its theatre program and the level of interaction among students of different races and classes.

In its 2018 rankings, Drew improved to the fifth best college theatre program in the country (up from seventh best in the previous year) and maintained eighth place for lots of race/class interaction. Also, for the 25th straight year, the University is featured in The Best 382 Colleges, Princeton Review’s annual guide to higher education.

The No. 5 in theatre recognizes Drew’s stellar reputation in performing arts. Each year, the school produces about a dozen plays, including some written by students themselves. Also, the campus is home to the main stage of The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey and exhibited Shakespeare’s First Folio during a national tour last year.

Interaction among students of different races and classes comes naturally at a campus with a student population of about 2,000 (including Drew Theological School and the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies) and more than 90 clubs. In addition, last year Drew held a workshop on race and facilitated a student-organized Black Lives Matter march into downtown Madison, N.J.

Drew’s listing in The Best 382 Colleges is based on feedback from students and administrators. In particular, students cite the personal attention from professors, who serve as mentors and “invest time in you academically and as a young adult looking for a career.” As one student puts it, “You really get to know your professors in an impactful way.”

The closeness of the student body is also noted. Men and women of different passions “blend together and overlap so that there are no definite lines separating people,” says a student. Adds another: “Everyone at least knows of everyone else and is friendly with them.”

The full 2018 listing, which includes statistics about the school, can be found here.