Learn about three newcomers and why they chose Drew.

kayla21_sqKayla Brown
Saint James School
Hagerstown, Md.

About Kayla:

Kayla is a triple threat creatively, as a singer, dancer and writer. She’s also athletic, having played volleyball three years at St. James and even managing the team as a senior. The high school honors student will put pen to paper in The Forest with a double major in English and history. After college, Kayla aspires to write creatively or return to the classroom as an English teacher.

Why Kayla chose Drew:

“When I walked onto campus, it felt like home and I believed I could thrive here.”

tyler21_sqTyler McCorry
Chatham High School
Chatham, N.J.

About Tyler:

Tyler’s passion is fencing: he played the sport throughout his four years at Chatham High School. He’ll further hone his skills as a member of the Drew fencing team. In the classroom, his favorite subject is history—he enjoys studying the ripple effect of past decisions. Ultimately, Tyler hopes to help others through a career as a police officer or firefighter in New York City.

Why Tyler chose Drew:

“I enjoyed visiting the campus and like its proximity to New York City. Another reason was the fencing program and it being led by Coach Paragano.”

katiana21_sqKatiana Michalski
Eastchester High School
Eastchester, N.Y.

About Katiana:

Katiana is a wiz in math and science. An aspiring chemical engineer, she’ll enter Drew with college credits under her belt for pre-engineering classes she took at the Southern Westchester Board of Cooperative Educational Services Center for Career Services. Katiana, who won a silver medal for technical math in a regional SkillsUSA competition, is also an avid lacrosse player and coaches youth from second to 11th grade at Topside Lacrosse.

Why Katiana chose Drew:

“For the great professors, great campus, great academic opportunities and to hopefully play lacrosse. Also, when I came to visit, I sat in on one of Professor Cole’s classes on ethics and found it absolutely amazing.”