gradsq2Drew University ranks 17th among liberal arts colleges nationwide–outperforming Vassar College, Bowdoin College, Kenyon College and Pomona College–in the number of graduates who earn doctorate degrees in the physical sciences, according to data gathered from 10 years worth of surveys done by the National Science Foundation.

The surveys show the rate of students who graduated from Drew with undergraduate degrees, then weighted that rate by the number of degrees awarded per 100 students to accurately compare schools of different sizes.

“This confirms that Drew is among the top national liberal arts colleges in terms of generating future PhDs. Our emphasis on hands-on learning and the deep commitment of Drew faculty members to their role as mentors ensure that our students are prepared for success at leading graduate and professional schools,” said Christopher Taylor, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. “The close mentoring relationships that students develop with faculty at Drew empower them to pursue graduate studies, and this is also why Drew graduates have a strong record of gaining admission to many of the most elite graduate programs in the world, including Oxford, Duke, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia and Cornell, to name a few.”

Adam Cassano, a chemistry professor and faculty mentor, said Drew’s science programs are designed to prepare students to excel in graduate school.

“The success of our students in PhD programs stems from the large number of laboratory—and specifically research—experiences we provide. Students work hands on with instrumentation, and we encourage students to get involved in undergraduate research early in their academic careers, both with Drew faculty and industrial scientists. Importantly, these opportunities are available to all of our science students. I think once the students get involved in a research project, they discover how much fun it can be to use the process of science to answer questions and create new knowledge. They find they want to do more of that, and are drawn graduate school.”