885852_10102208427884707_1496503644367964789_oThe Choral Union at Drew University (MUS 110) welcomes community members, as well as faculty, staff, and students at Drew. With an average membership of 80 singers, the Choral Union focuses primarily on choral-orchestral masterworks, and performs 3-4 concerts per year from September to May. Weekly rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30p.m., in the Concert Hall at Drew University. 


Singers from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets will find their home in the Choral Union, but a certain degree of musical and vocal ability is expected as a requirement for membership. The purpose of the audition process is to assess each singer’s compatibility with the Choral Union experience. The audition process will last approximately 10-15 minutes and will include:

1) Vocal warmup exercises to determine range, intonation, and general vocal quality;
2) Two exercises (one accompanied, one unaccompanied) to determine facility with printed music and general musicianship;
3) A brief conversation about the expectations of the ensemble for attendance, at-home practice, etc.

Auditions will be held January 18-20, 2016 for all new members. Schedule an audition here.


Attendance: Singers are expected to attend all Wednesday night rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and concerts. One absence from a regular rehearsal will be permitted. Absences from dress rehearsals and concerts are not permitted.
Practice vs. Rehearsal: In the Choral Union, we refer to the time we spend together on Wednesdays as “rehearsal,” and what we do outside of rehearsal as “practice.” Singers are expected to devote time to their music outside of rehearsal, so that more time in rehearsal can be devoted to nuance, refinement of the music, and shaping the overall ensemble sound. The rehearsal environment is fun and energetic, but fast-paced and dedicated to the work of serious music-making.
Concert Attire: All singers are required to purchase the necessary concert attire for performances: tuxedos for men, and concert dresses for women.
Communication: All singers are expected to read weekly e-mail communications from the conductor, and to come to each rehearsal informed and prepared.


Wednesday nights, 7:00-9:30p.m., September 2-December 5 and January 20-April 30.


Thursday, October 1, 8:00p.m.: Presidential Inauguration Concert
Friday, October 2, 11:00a.m.: Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
Saturday, December 5, 8:00p.m.: Benjamin Britten’s Saint Nicolas & Music for the Holidays
Saturday, March 19: Chorus in the Forest High School Choir Invitational
Saturday, April 30, 8:00p.m.: Poulenc Gloria with the New Jersey Youth Symphony

For more information or to schedule an audition, please e-mail Dr. Jason Bishop, Director of Choral & Vocal Studies, at choirs@drew.edu