The Annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day is open to Elementary, Junior High, High School, College students, and Adults who play the flute and would like to take part in playing ensemble works scored for piccolo, C flute, alto and bass flutes, and the contra bass flute. All applicants are accepted for participation in the program and are placed in classes according to age and playing experience.

Groups remain together throughout the day except when all groups come together to rehearse the Finale. Classes are rehearsals for the concert at 4 p.m.

Levels Students  Comments 
Level 1 Grades 6 and Under  Level 1 students may audition-up to Level 2 by submitting a tape of Jr. Region Solo or equivalent. (Piano accompaniment is not necessary.)
Coach: Jeanne Fessenden–Member, UpTown Flutes
Level 2 Grade 7 and 8  Level 2 students may move up to Level 3 if they have been selected for Jr. Region band or Orchestra or by submitting a very good tape of Jr. Region solo. (Piano accompaniment is not necessary.)
Level 3 Grade 9  Coach: Rebecca Vega–Member, UpTown Flutes
Level 4  Grade 10, 11, 12  Coach: Elise Carter–Member, UpTown Flutes
Level 5  Advanced High School, College Students, and adults up to age 25 Coach: Karen Demsey–Member, UpTown Flutes
Acceptance By Audition Only

Audition piece is

Bach’s Sonata in E-flat major or an equivalent piece
  • Send recorded audition to Elise Carter at
    973-851-5435 or by email ecarter@drew.edu
  • Music Department
    36 Madison Avenue, Madison NJ, 07940
  • Recorded Auditions Only 
  • Auditions are due by Tuesday, February 13, 2019
Adult Class  Everyone is welcome Beginners through advanced players

Coach: Lawrence Liggins–Member, UpTown Flutes