Anne Percoco: New Growth

A Public Art Installation at Drew University

April 15-November 15, 2014

Exhibition organized by Kimberly Rhodes, Associate Professor and Chair, Art History and presented by the Andrew W. Mellon Arts and the Common Good Grant

Anne Percoco (CLA ’05) is interested in the intersection of nature and culture, including the way that humans represent plant-life in illustrations, advertisements and logos. For New Growth, which was originally installed on Randall’s Island in New York City in 2013, Percoco has selected eight images of trees from the advertisements printed in New York and New Jersey Yellow Pages phone books. Percoco enlarged these images and digitally printed them onto plywood. Although these sculptures look like trees, function like trees (providing shade and aesthetic appeal), and are made of trees, they are not trees. In fact, the use of chemically-treated wood for a sculpture of a tree is clearly ironic, evoking the complexity of the relationship between nature and culture and using public art to create dialogue about environmental concerns.

New Growth is installed in various outdoor locations around the Drew University campus. Pieces can be viewed near Brothers College, the Rose Memorial Library, S.W. Bowne Hall, the Ehinger Center, and the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts.

To learn more about Anne Percoco’s work, visit

Panel Discussion on Public Art and the Environment, moderated by Anne Percoco and featuring artist panelists Katie Holten, Marie Lorenz, and Justin Shull and respondent Prof. Ryan Hinrichs Monday, September 22, 2014 at  6:30 pm in Room 106, Dorothy Young Center for the Arts

Photo Gallery: New Growth

Photographs by Bill Cardoni