Drew’s library contains nearly a half million volumes, and more than 2,000 periodicals — plus, microforms, manuscripts, recordings and other source material. Students have 24-hour access to the library catalog through the campus-wide information system and their personal computers. The gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lenox Rose, it replaced the original Cornell Library. In 1982, the library underwent a $2.2 million renovation and the $4.4 million Learning Center was added.


In January 1939, the new library was opened in memory of Nellie K. and Lenox S. Rose. The style is Greek Revival with 13 iconic colums to complement the style of Mead Hall next door.

There are three floors of reading rooms that surround six stories of open stacks. Some 400,000 books are contained in the building. The Rose window from the Old Cornell Library, 1888, was placed over the new entrance.

Department in Rose Memorial Library