The Ehinger Center is the heart of student life outside of the classroom. The building features expansive windows, fireplaces, a two-story rotunda and a dining hall with a barrel-vaulted ceiling. It is home to the 1867 Lounge, Crawford Hall, The Space and the C’80 Pub.


The University Center originally housed a dining room, snack bar, bookstore, post office, music and game rooms, office for campus publications, a private dining room, and other facilities open for special events and meetings. In 1964 there was an addition to the UC and a meeting-music lounge, meeting room, board room, multi-purpose room, faculty dining room, kitchen, and private dining room were added. After the Commons opened, the University Center contained a snackbar and a coffee house. In 1976 a pub was also housed in the UC. By 1978 it contained the Career Planning and Placement Center, University housing office, art gallery and photography exhibits. In 1981-1983 it also contained student employment office, the student government association office, and the Acorn office. In 1993-1994 it also contained a multicultural center.

Departments in Ehinger Center