The gateway stands at the main entrance to campus. It was built in 1921 of stones taken from gate houses that had guarded the entrance to the university for nearly 100 years and named for Samuel W. Bowne, a former university trustee.


The Gateway was built in 1921 as a gift of Mrs. Samuel W. Browne in memory of her husband, Drew's most generous benefactor up to that time. The Gateway replaced the stone gate houses that which were on either side of the main entrance when Daniel Drew purchased the property in 1867.

Henry J. Carlson, a Boston architect, designed the 30-foot tall impressive gateway in the Collegiate Gothic style. It was built of local stone, including the stones from the old gate houses.

The architect used religious and figurative symbols, not only for effect, but to suggest facts and illustrate truths.

Written in stone high on Drew’s gothic gateway are the words, “Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give.”