Wesley is the home for the admissions offices of the undergraduate school. It is located at the front of campus near Mead Hall.


Wesley House, built circa 1870, was designed by New York architect John Hatch, who also designed three other faculty residences: Faulkner House, Rogers House, and Sitterly House. The four houses were the first residences of Drew Seminary.

Like the other three faculty residences, the brick building has a wraparound porch and mansard roof. The structure was originally pained and shuttered.

In 1873 the third president of Drew moved into he house and from then on it was referred to as the President's House. Four of Drew's presidents lived in the house until the 1950s, when it was converted into a residence for women and the name was changed to Wesley House.

By the 1960s the housing shortage was corrected and from then until present the building has house administrative offices.

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