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The Drew Review is the annual research journal for the undergraduates of the Drew University College of Liberal Arts, publishing undergraduate research from the previous calendar year. Our mission is to showcase the intellectual vibrancy of the students of the CLA.

  • Volume 10: 2017 in PDF
    • All is Good for Plato the Monist
      Alexander Slotkin (CLA 2017)
    • Examining the Uses of Bacteria in Oil Spill Bioremediation
      Josephine Emanuelli (CLA 2019)
    • Flesh and Stone, Stone and Flesh: Michelangelo and Bernini’s Pygmalionesque Transformations
      Taylor Tracy (CLA 2017)
    • Self-injury and pain: Analysis of non-suicidal self-injury and the effects it has on the neurological processing of pain
      Darci Gautam (CLA 2019)
    • Mineral Dust Aerosols as Feedback Mechanism Drivers for Global Desertification
      Zoe Coates Fuentes (CLA 2018)
    • What About Bambi? An Examination of the Evidential Problem of Evil
      Shira Mindy Newman (CLA 2016) 127
    • Cross-Media Metrics: The Shift in Audience Measurement
      Zarina Akbary (CLA 2019)
    • “Hi Grandma, it’s me!”: Taking advantage of the aging mind
      Samantha Lacey (CLA 2017)
    • Barbara Strozzi’s Feminine Influence on the Cantata in 17th-Century Venice
      Rachel Rubin (CLA 2017)
    • On the Constructability of Numbers
      Jeff Moorhead (CLA 2018)
  • Volume 9: 2016
  • Volume 8: 2015 in PDF
    • Unmanned and Ungoverned: Drones, Post-Human Warfare, and the Implications of Pursuing Military Efficiency at the Cost of Jus in Bello
      Jack Duran (CLA 2015)
    •  The Rock: A Master of Rhetoric?
      Tyler New (Towson University, CLA 2015)
    • Structural Analysis of G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Deorphanizing the GPR174 Receptor
      Saif Yasin (CLA 2017)
    • On the A priori: Conventionalism and Rationalism
      Alex Slotkin (CLA 2017)
    • MKULTRA in the Media: The Public Face of the Top-Secret Program
      Isabel Romero (CLA 2015)
  • Volume 7: 2014 in PDF
    • Solitude, Spinsterhood, and Single Blessedness: Charlotte Brontë and Redundant Women in Nineteenth-Century Protestant England
      Mariel Caputo (CLA 2014)
    • Queer(Ing) Public Spaces in The City and The Pillar (1948)
      Eve Sanoussi (CLA 2014)
    • The King of “Erlkönig”: How Schubert’s Lied Rendition Set a New Standard for Goethe’s Poem and the Lied Genre
      Katarina Mckeever (CLA 2014)
    • Permanency of the Ephemeral: Rembrandt’s Late Drypoints Of Jesus’ Passion
      Thomas H. Price (CLA 2015)
    • Cuando la Justicia Tiene la Lengua Atada: La Barrera Lingüística, el Acceso al Debido Proceso y Personas LEP Durante Procedimientos de Deportación
      Megan Day (CLA 2014)
  • Volume 6: 2013 in PDF
    • A Study of Religion and Medicine: Perspectives from Physicians
      Katelyn Cusmano
      (CLA 2014)
    • What Led to the Boom in Private Prisons?
      Nicole Kuruszko (CLA 2013)
    • Nation and Devotion: English as Social Control
      Eliza Mauhs-Pugh (CLA 2014)
    • MTLS in Vibrio cholerae Regulates Mannitol Transporter Protein Production through the MTLA 5’ UTR
       Ronak Mistry (CLA 2013)
    • Baudrillard’s Hyperreality: America’s Sensationalized Sports through a Postmodern Lens
      James Sirigotis (CLA 2013)
  • Volume 5: 2012 in PDF
    • Women Dancing as an Allegory of Love and Concord in the Universe in the Divina Commedia
      Agnes Alves (CLA 2014)
    • The Effectiveness of the United Nations in the Inclusion of Human Rights in Counter-Terrorism
      Sarah Calderone (CLA 2013)
    • The Place of Suffering and the Way to Liberation in Prometheus Unbound and “Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills”
      James Robinson (CLA 2011)
    • Authorial Anxiety and Female Readership in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
      Victoria Russell (CLA 2013)
    • Dante’s Perfect Hierarchy: Excile in the Afterlife and in Florence
      Rachel Marie Schachter (CLA 2014)
    • Through a Scope, Darkly: A Marxist Interpretation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
      Ronnie Whaley (CLA 2012)
  • Volume 4: 2011 in PDF
  • Volume 3: 2010 in PDF
  • Volume 2: 2009 in PDF
  • Volume 1: 2008 in PDF