Library GraffitiDrew’s own Nobel Laureate and his work:
Dr. William C. Campbell

Nobel Prize: The First 100 Years

What is the Nobel Prize? How did it start? How are winners selected? Who decides? An informative book by Agneta Levinovitz and Nils Ringertz that will answer these questions and more. From ebrary. 

Nobel Prize winners in physiology or medicine

In-depth discussion about the work of 2015 recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Centers for Disease Control

Discussion and analysis of the diseases that are being successfully treated as a result of Dr. Campbell’s work.
Lymphatic Filariasis

World Health Organization

African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)
The Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (GAELF)

Discussion about the organized efforts to eradicate these parasitic diseases throughout the world. Details about incidence, causes, and impact of the diseases.


From Chemical Engineering News’ special issue ‘The Top Pharmaceuticals that Changed the World”, a discussion about Dr. Campbell’s drug, Ivermectin.

“More than 25 years: the MectizanR donation program”

A multimedia website from Merck & Co., Inc. that details the history of the drug Ivermectin (tradename: MectizanR), the diseases it treats, and its donation program.

Parasitic Diseases, from Credo Reference

An excellent reference resource to learn more about this topic.

* Warning: browsing reference resources can be infectious!