Emeriti Library Faculty

  • John Mark Califf, Instructor Librarian and Methodist and Theological Cataloger Emeritus
  • Linda E. Connors, Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development, Former Interim Dean of Libraries, Senior Librarian, Emerita
  • Lessie Culmer-Nier, Head of Cataloging and Periodicals and Librarian Emerita
  • Ruth Friedman, Assistant Librarian and Reference Librarian Emerita
  • Lucy Marks, Instructor Librarian and Special Collections Cataloger Emerita
  • Evelyn S. Meyer, Reference Librarian Emerita
  • Elizabeth Patterson, Associate Librarian and Reference Librarian Emerita
  • Kenneth E. Rowe, Professor of Church History and Methodist Librarian Emeritus
  • Ernest Rubinstein, Assistant Librarian and Theological Librarian Emeritus
  • Andrew Scrimgeour, Senior Librarian and Dean of Libraries Emeritus
  • Suzanne T. Selinger, Associate Librarian and Theological Librarian Emerita,
  • Janice Wanggaard, Reference and Government Documents Assistant Librarian Emerita
  • Elise Zappas, Assistant Librarian and Cataloging Librarian Emerita

Drew University Library Faculty Regulations