The University Library offers a special service to recent Drew graduates who want personal copies of their thesis or dissertation bound.  The hardcover cloth binding comes in one of two colors depending upon earned degree (green for Bachelors and Masters, maroon for Doctoral).  A short title and author’s surname are gold-stamped on the spine.


For each bound copy desired, submit a separate and complete paper copy of the manuscript.  Fill out and sign the ORDER FORM. Manuscripts, with completed form and prepayment (see below), may be delivered in person or sent to the Preservation Assistant, Drew University Library.

This service is limited to 10 copies of a thesis per author.


Manuscripts should be printed on 8 ½” x 11″ bond paper. Unlike official deposit copies, there are no additional print and paper quality requirements for personal bindings, but laser (xerographic) copies on archival (“acid-free”) paper will have the longest life.

Fees and Payments

Fees (subject to change) are:

  • Binding: $19.00 per bound volume up to 2” thick (roughly equivalent to 400 pages).
    For copies thicker than 2” (but less than 3”), the cost per binding is $24.00.
    Manuscripts thicker than 3” will be separated into two volumes, and the appropriate per volume binding fee will apply.
  • Packing and mailing (applies only if volumes will be mailed to you): $6.00 per bound volume

Payment (in U.S. dollars) may be made with cash, or by check payable to Drew University Library.

Processing time

The work is done by an outside commercial bindery to the industry’s standard for permanence and durability. Total processing time (binding and mailing) may take up to16 weeks.


Personal copies of theses are bound as submitted.  The Library will not check manuscripts for proper pagination, missing or duplicate pages, etc.

Titles stamped on the cover spine will be shortened to fit.  You may request a short title on the order form if you wish.  Only the author’s surname is stamped after the title.  All capital letters are used.


Please call the Preservation Assistant at 973-408-3554.