Media Request Form

Use this form to request that library staff provide a streaming version of a film for use in your courses. Before completing this form, please check the Library Catalog to make certain that we don’t already own or license the item you need. Also check Swank, Kanopy and Academic Video Online for availability. You may request films directly through the Swank and Kanopy sites (if available) instead of using this form. Refer to the Media at the Drew Library LibGuide for detailed instructions.

If a streaming license is not available on one of those sites:

  • Please consider a public streaming site. Many students already have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Use the site to search for availability.
  • If the Library owns the DVD, complete this form:
    • If we have already digitized the film, we will inform you and provide instructions for access
    • If we have not digitized it yet, we will add it to the queue for digitization
  • If the Library does not yet own the DVD, please use this form to request it for purchase and digitization. Additional time will be required.
  • If you own a personal copy of the DVD, you may provide it to us for digitization. Complete the form to request this.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, access to digitized films is limited to students in the class only.

Digitization Information:

We require at least 4 weeks notice for digitization. If we do not already own the DVD, additional time may be required. We cannot guarantee that every film can be digitized; we cannot guarantee subtitles on international films. We will include subtitles on all films, when available.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that the online content will be used only to deliver educational resources required to continue students’ education in courses for which they are enrolled. It is not for personal use.

Submit one request per form. Requests will be processed according to the dates that the films are required for courses.

For films in a foreign language, please indicate whether you require English sub-titles, whether you don’t want the film without English sub-titles, whether you don’t care.
If Yes, contact Student Activities,, phone 408-3924.
(Any information you have about this film, including information on where it may be purchased.)