Library Resource Request Form

Please complete this form if  you are requesting the purchase of a book or ebook or  a digital version of an entire work. We will determine whether purchasing an ebook, digitizing a print copy, or purchasing a print copy for scanning is the best option. This also applies to items that would normally be placed on reserve. If you are requesting a specific section or chapter of a Drew-owned book or periodical, please use the Request for material Scan form

Scans of over 150 pages will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Within 2-3 business days you will be notified by email whether we can fill a given request of this length. 

While we will do our best, all requests are subject to item and staff availability. If you have any questions regarding your specific order, or the correct use of this form, please contact

If you are ordering this title for a course, what course number and semester? (We require this information to facilitate processing. Your order has NOT been placed on Reserve. If you have not contacted the Library Reserves department to place your request on Reserves, please
do so now.)