out-of-vaultOut of the Vault:

Incunabula, or, Books in the Cradle

Methodist Archives

7pm, September 2, 2014

Drew University Library Department of Special Collections and Archives presents the first event from the Out of the Vault series. This series will allow individuals from the community to learn about various materials and collections from the library and give them the opportunity to hold history in their hands.

For the first Out of the Vault, Cassie Brand will talk about some of the early printed books found in the Incunabula Collection. The term “incunabula” refers to books printed before 1501, literally translating from Latin to mean “in the cradle.” These printed books act as a bridge between manuscript and print culture.

With beautiful handmade paper, intricate type fonts, and hand-colored illustrations, these printed volumes take us back to a time when hand-crafted books were prized possessions. Come touch and feel the hand-laid paper, knock on the thick wood boards of the binding, and marvel at the brilliant colors of gold illumination.