On Tuesdays this fall, the Wilson Reading Room in the United Methodist Archive and History Center will remain open until 9 p.m. These additional hours allow researchers to use Special Collections and Archives materials into the evening and at times that might fit better into their schedules.

As part of this late evening initiative, staff from the Department of Special Collections and University Archives will host several hands-on show and tell workshops on the first Tuesday of every month. Each workshop will be held from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Rowe Reading Room of the Center.

These interactive sessions will introduce people to materials from various Drew collections and allow them to hold a piece of history in their hands. The workshops are free and open to the Drew community and to the general public. For additional information contact the Drew Library at speccol@drew.edu or (973) 408-3590.

The Fall 2014 schedule follows:

September 2nd

Incunabula, or, Books in the Cradle

Cassie Brand

The term “incunabula” refers to books printed before 1501, literally translating from Latin to mean “in the cradle.” With 29 books in the incunabula collection, Drew University Special Collections boasts great examples of early printed books. With beautiful handmade paper, intricate type fonts, and hand-colored illustrations, these printed volumes take us back to a time when hand-crafted books were prized possessions. Come touch and feel the hand-laid paper, knock on the thick wood boards of the binding, and marvel at the brilliant colors of gold illumination.

October 7th

What They Wrote: Historical Manuscripts

Zannah Bingham Buck

Have you ever wondered what sort of letters Susan B. Anthony, Jefferson Davis, Albert Einstein, or Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote? Or wondered what Louisa May Alcott’s, George Eliot’s, or Elizabeth Gaskell’s handwriting looked like? Drew University’s collection of Historical Manuscripts is full of handwritten documents from over 900 different historical figures, all of which are available for use by researchers or by anyone who is simply curious. To get a taste of the richness of this collection, we will discuss what a manuscript is, how manuscripts end up in libraries and archives, and their modern-day value.

November 4th

Day in the Life of Governor Kean

David Reagles

If you are a Drewid, you have undoubtedly noticed an uncommon prevalence of “Kean” on our beautiful campus. Whether you have studied in the Kean Reading Room, perused the Kean Gallery, or enjoyed a production in the Kean Theater, you have benefited from his legacy.

Thomas H. Kean served as governor of New Jersey, was appointed chairman of the 9/11 Commission, and led Drew University as its 10th president. We will explore a “day in the life of Kean” and examine the exciting collection of his papers that now enriches Drew University’s archives.

December 2nd

Tiny Treasures: Small Books in the Drew Library Special Collections

Brian Shetler

Small volumes are certainly interesting for their Lilliputian dimensions, but also for their purposes: as traveling companions for the literate and religious alike. These miniature volumes were portable, shareable, and easy to hide away if needed. This workshop will feature details about a few of these books and their history. It will provide an opportunity to interact with a selection of “tiny” books that are to be found in Rare Books, McClintock, Hymn Books, and other collections.