Library GraffitiDr. Ernie Rubinstein, Theological Librarian, retires June 30. His last reference picks:


Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism

Kaleidoscopic in approach—topical, geographical, biographical—this 6-volume work is still in process. Note especially the articles, “Gender” in v. 4, and “Feminism,” v. 5.
Ref BL1105 .B75

Defending Same-Sex Marriage

The 2nd volume of this collection of essays is titled Same-Sex Marriage and Religion.  See the “Introduction,” also “Historical Reflections on Marriage Equality in America.”
306.8480973 D323d vol. 2

The Encyclopedia of Christian Literature

Divided between topical and biographical entries, this 2 volume work spans from Apocalyptic to Women’s Literature. See especially the essay, “Liturgies.”
Ref BR 117.3 .E53 vol. 1

Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature

Explorations of a key intersection, these essays re-envision the command to “subdue” the earth (Genesis 1:28).  See “Spinoza, Baruch” and the “Wise Use Movement.”
Ref BL31 .E465; also online with Oxford Reference Online

New Handbook of Christian Theologians

Some of the most influential theologians of the 20th century receive appreciative treatment here.  See “Mary Daly,” Drew’s 2006 Nelle Morton honorary lecturer.
Ref BT28 .N48

New Interpreter’s Handbook of Preaching

Here the essays are topically arranged, under such headings as “Bible,” “Ethics,” “Poetics.”  See “Gender, Race, and Ethnicity” in the section “Social Location.”
Ref BV4211.3 .N49

Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation

Expert guide to the diversifying world of Bible reading, from “Historical Criticism” to “Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation.”  Note the Consultants named on page [ii].
Ref BS511.3 .O88

Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

An encyclopedic testament to a once richly diverse life, still vivid in cultural memory.  See especially the articles, “Litvak,” “Misnagdim,” and “Satmar Hasidic Dynasty.”
Ref DS135 .E8 Y578

* Warning: browsing reference resources can be nostalgic!