1. Articulate and implement an outreach program that includes:

    1. Providing specialized reference and research services in theological and religious studies and related fields, including the creation of webguides and other online tools.

    2. Working with faculty to integrate information literacy instruction into the Theological School curriculum.

    3. Using  new and emerging technologies, particularly to provide support for the Theological School’s distance learning initiatives.

    4. Working effectively with multilingual students, especially Hispanic-Latina/o and Korean students, and with those doing research in other languages..

    5. Teaching credit-bearing courses within the Theological School on research skills and writing.

    6. Supporting research in interdisciplinary work within the Theological School in such areas as postcolonial studies, gender studies, and East Asian Studies.

    7. Providing general reference service as a member of the Reference and Research Services Department.

  2. Articulate and implement a practice of collection management of the theological and religious studied collections that includes:

    1. Selecting materials in print, electronic and other formats that support the instructional programs in theological and religious studies in the Theological School and the undergraduate Comparative Religions Department.

    2. Reviewing and evaluating the Library’s collections in theology and religious studies, and maintaining those collections at a research level.

    3. Working collaboratively with the Methodist Librarian to ensure that the broader collections complement the Methodist collections

  3. Represent the perspective and needs of the Theological School to the Library.

  4. Serve on Theological School, Library and University committees as appropriate.

  5. Represent the Library at meetings of professional and scholarly organizations, such as ATLA, AAR or SBL.

  6. Maintain a personal program of scholarly and professional development.

  7. Serve as a member of the Library Faculty.




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