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Greg Laden’s blog post explaining how the ongoing presence of the Polar Vortex over the United States is compatible with a warming arctic has been posted and reposted on Facebook:


Encyclopedia of the Arctic

So what is the “Polar Vortex”? Look here to see how this pressure system works and why we’re glad that only a part of it broke off to come south to us. Check out “Global Change Effects” and “Global Warming” for early statistics.

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Jimmy Margulies on the Polar Vortex

A Complete Guide to Arctic Wildlife

While the Polar Bear is the face of the Arctic, as in Jimmy Margulies’ Polar Vortex cartoon:, Artic inhabitants also include Marmots, Narwhals, Teals, Skuas, Snow Buntings,  Hares, Lemmings, Lynxes, Wolverines, and Walruses and Seals.

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Encyclopedia of the Biosphere

The section “Winter all year round” in volume 9 of this set covers environment & ecology of the polar and tundra regions. There’s more there than you’d think.

REF GF 75 .B5613 1999, v. 9                 


Historical Atlas of the Arctic

Before the Arctic came to us, explorers sought a passage through it to the Indies. Browse this beautifully-illustrated volume to learn what they found.

REF G 1056 .S12 H39


Encyclopedia of Global Change

For a very technical take on changes to the arctic “Tundra,” “Global Warming,” “Atmospheric Chemistry” and “Weather Forecasting,” look here.

REF 149 .E47 2002 or online at


Credo Reference

Use Credo’s new image search to find arctic related pictures in online reference books, check out the Topic page on “Arctic regions” or just search “arctic” to find “Arctic Games,” arctic animals, and the arctic front…

* Warning: browsing reference resources can be chilling!

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