Feeling a little ‘bloated’ by the holiday feed? Here’s some ideas to digest.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, 1st ed.

Graze Farmer’s Markets and Community Supported Agriculture; do some Organic Gardening with the Food Counterculture and local girl Alice Waters.
Online at: http://tinyurl.com/drew-oxford-food1

 Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics

To a chemist, the notion of “organic food” (see above) seems silly; food contains carbon. But “organic food” is an issue of Agricultural Ethics. Find out more:

 Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Volume 3 gives a tidy summary of “Sustainable Agriculture,” as well as “Organic Agriculture,” “Organic Farming and Gardening,” and “Organic Food.”
Reference GT2850 .E53 2003

Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Review all the agricultural controversies in sustainability, starting on I:156.
Ref GE 10 .C65

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

What is “Food Security” and why should you care? See v. 10, p. 116-122. Also check out Urban Agriculture & AgroEcology, v. 5.
Ref GE 140 .B47

 Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food

Look under “supersizing” and “obesity” for first world problems.
REF TX370 .S63 2006

Cambridge World History of Food

More food security under “food entitlements,” leading into “Rights, Entitlements, and the Right to Food” as well as lobbies, labeling, and biotechnology.
Online: http://www.credoreference.com.ezproxy.drew.edu/book/cupfood

Real Food Challenge

Did you know Drew is a signatory to this organization’s “Real Food Campus Commitment”? Drew’s Students for Sustainable Food is our local chapter.

* Warning: browsing reference resources can make you hungry!

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