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Guns in American Society

 The ‘Sporting Purposes Test,’ Beecher’s Bibles, Samuel Colt, Waco, ‘Gun Culture,’ Columbine, the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, Thomas Jefferson, Uniform Crime Reports: this “Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture and the Law” explains people, terms, incidents, and laws central to our national discussion of firearms.
Reference HV 7436 .G8783 or online

Gun Control: A Reference Handbook

This 1995 resource is still a solid guide to the older aspects of the 2nd Amendment/Gun Control issue.
Reference HV 7436 .K78

The Gun Control Debate: A Documentary History

Looking for original 18th-century discussions of the meaning of the “militia” clause? Find them here, along with the famous “jackbooted thugs” NRA fundraising letter, and much back and forth on the 1994 gun control act.
Reference HV 7436 .G865

Violence in America

Take a pre-Columbine look at “Mass Murders- Individual Perpetrators” and “Gun Control” in this 1999 reference.
Reference HN90 .V5 V5474

Encyclopedia  of Gun Control and Gun Rights

Did you know that in 1876, the Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment only restricted Federal limitations on bearing arms? United States v. Cruikshank (1876) What were the provisions of the “Dick Act” (1903) vs. the Militia Act (1792)?
Reference HN90 .V5 V5474

Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments

Find a short overview of the law history of the 2nd Amendment and interpretations here. Few have attempted to change it: apparently “most proponents and opponents of gun control have preferred to battle over the meaning of the existing constitutional provision rather than to introduce a new one.”
KF 4557 .V555

Uniform Crime Reports

This FBI report profiles reported crimes by weapon type, among other factors:

* Warning: browsing reference books can be explosive!

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