Library GraffitiStart off with this article from Smithsonian magazine that gives a different take on the First Thanksgiving and the Native American participation:

Plimoth Plantation

The good researchers at the historical site/museum at Plimoth have articles, videos, & interactive features on the Plymoth colonists, the Wampanoag Native Americans they encountered, and the first Thanksgiving.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

What foods did the Native Americans share with Europeans and what foods did they discover in return? See “Native American Foods” for a handy chart.
Online and in print at REF TX349 .E45

Native American Food Plants: An Ethnobotanical Dictionary

Remember the “Three Sisters” of Native American food plants? Check out Zea mays (Maize), Phaseolus (Beans), and Curcurbita (Squash) to see how they were used by different tribes.
REF QK98.5 .N57 M64

Encyclopedia of North American Indians

More about Tisquantum, the Wampanoag, and other Native Americans and their tribes—even a contemporary portrait of Pocahantas! Who lived where? Check out the map in “Indian-White relations in North America before 1776.”
REF E76.2 .E53 1996

Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America : an Encyclopedia

So what was America like long before European settlement? Find information about prehistoric pipes, pithouses, the pre-Clovis culture…
REF E77.9 .A72

American Indian Quotations

While there are no quotations from Tisquantum here, learn a lot about Native American history by browsing this chronological list of famous quotes. From King Philip and Powhatan to Louise Erdich; indexed by subject and tribe.
REF PN6081.4 .A43

* Warning: browsing reference books can be nourishing!

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